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Aids to Navigation

Increasing failure rates of navigational aids in the canal had lead our Customer to take a decision to standardise the solution and to commence a process of renewal.

Briggs undertook a phased renewal of the main aids to navigation on the Canal and worked closely with Peel and our Suppliers to ensure that the swiftest and most economic solution was brought to bear.

Our Work

Working in conjunction with Peel Ports, Briggs Marine were able to conduct a full Survey of the length of the canal, day and night, and to create a risk assessment for all of the 200 + lights.

This risk assessment helped to manage a complex and challenging question and effectively showed the prioritisation of light renewals. In this way, Briggs Marine worked with the Customer to achieve the greatest possible improvement in presence and reliability in the shortest time and in the most economic fashion.

Now beyond the critical phase, the renewal programme continues against a live risk assessment document.


Briggs involvement with the Customer was able to produce a focussed, effective turnaround in as short a period of time. All works were carried out within the realms of original cost estimates.