Bruichladdich Pier Development

Project Summary

Briggs Marine Contractors were appointed to construct a new berthing face and mooring points to facilitate the use of the pier for larger, double skinned vessels. The new 90m long structure consisted of steelwork dolphins and access bridges, and was located perpendicular to the existing jetty head, remaining independent from the original pier.

Our Work


  • 18No. 752 OD steel piles up to 12.5m long with 200 Te rock anchors


  • Prefabricated dolphin structures (2No. berthing units at 29t each and 4No. mooring units at 17t each), plus interconnecting walkway structures (2No. @ 21m long and 2No. @ 15m long)
  • Remove existing Greenheart fenders and install new supercone fendering
  • 2No. 40t mooring bollards & 6No. 30t quick release moorings


  • 2000m3 of rock and soft material to off­shore disposal area


Planning and implementation of safety procedures were paramount due to exposed marine environment and our programme of works had to suit on going oil tanker deliveries.

Due to weight restrictions on the existing pier, floating plant provided all access and storage.

Briggs completed this project ahead of programme and on budget.

Download Bruichladdich Pier Development Case Study

Bruichladdich Pier Development [PDF - 185kB]