Subsea Cable Repair

Briggs Marine understands the demand for a rapid and cost effective response to subsea cable repairs. Our team and equipment are well suited for immediate response with our own vessels or externally supplied vessels. Our modular cable equipment ensures that only the equipment required for a cable repair task is deployed on an operation. This makes our solutions particularly cost effective, with bespoke repair packages offered for a particular subsea cable repair. Our fleet specialises in shallow water and intertidal zone cable repairs and many of our vessels can ground on the seabed without interruption of repair activity.

Briggs Marine offer a comprehensive subsea cable repair package including:

  • Vessels
  • Equipment
  • Skilled cable personnel
  • Jointers, Test Engineers
  • Survey
  • Divers
  • Burial
  • Remedial works
  • Subsea Cable Equipment

    Briggs Marine operate modular subsea cable equipment, allowing equipment to be mobilised onboard any vessel suitable for subsea cable installation or repair.

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  • Cable Storage & Recovery

    Briggs Marine offer a fully compliant, secure and cost effective way to transport, store or recover subsea cabling.

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  • Case Studies

    Read about recent projects where we have undertaken Subsea Cable repair work for our clients.

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