Subsea Cable Maintenance

Briggs Marine maintains a network of subsea power cables throughout the UK for major utility providers.

This service includes:

  • Cable fault risk assessment
  • Shore-end remedial work
  • Cable Survey, bathymetric, ROV & dive operations
  • Scour protection
  • Spilt pipe protection
  • Matressing
  • Beacon installation
  • Burial
  • Storage of strategic spare
  • Subsea Cable Repair

    Briggs Marine understands the demand for a rapid and cost effective response to subsea cable repairs.

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  • Subsea Cable Equipment

    Briggs Marine operate modular subsea cable equipment, allowing equipment to be mobilised onboard any vessel suitable for subsea cable installation or repair.

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  • Subsea Cable Recovery & Storage

    In compliance with Environment Agency regulations and decommissioning plans, Briggs Marine recover and dispose of obsolete systems, including buried and shore-end cables.

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