Subsea Cable Equipment

Briggs Marine operate modular subsea cable equipment, allowing equipment to be mobilised onboard any vessel suitable for subsea cable installation or repair. Mobilising the correct equipment, suitable for a specific task, onboard a vessel that is the right size and dimension for a particular operation, offers substantial savings for any repair or installation.

This system is particularly useful when operating in shallow water or inter-tidal zones where specialist vessels that can ground or operate with minimal draft are required.

The flexible Briggs Marine fleet works in synergy with the cable equipment ensuring the right assets are selected for each operation.

Briggs Marine cable equipment is also available for hire.

  • Cable Storage & Recovery

    Briggs Marine offer a fully compliant, secure and cost effective way to transport, store or recover subsea cabling.

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  • Subsea Cable Maintenance

    Briggs Marine maintains a network of subsea power cables throughout the UK for major utility providers.

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  • Renewable Energy

    With over 40 years experience in the Marine Sector, the Briggs Group has an indepth knowledge of delivering marine and renewable energy installation services in challenging conditions.

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