Offshore Wind

The Briggs Group offers a range of services applicable to offshore wind developments for both offshore wind turbine installation and maintenance. Our inter array cable installation service is complemented by our wind farm maintenance package which includes:

  • Vessel supply and chartering
  • Maintenance and monitoring of corrosion control systems
  • Coatings monitoring maintenance and repair
  • Submarine cable repair and replacement
  • Scour monitoring and remediation services
  • Personnel transfer
  • Rope access and confined entry works
  • Structural monitoring of piles and towers
  • Oil spill training and response
  • Removal of marine growth and guano
  • Diving Operations
  • Burial Operations
  • Cable survey
  • Risk assessment tools for determining cables most at risk
  • Blade tip inspections
  • Buoy maintenance
  • Wave & Tidal

    The Briggs Group has been involved in the installation of wave and tidal energy devices since inception.

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  • Integrated Maintenance

    Briggs can offer a fully integrated windfarm maintenance solution, a managed approach to your maintenance requirements, reducing project management and supplier interfaces for the client.

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  • Safety, Health & Environment

    Our policy is to prevent human injury or loss of life by maintaining a high standard of safety performance, fostering concern and respect for protecting the environment on land and sea and avoiding property damage in all undertakings, ensuring employees conduct their operations in the same spirit.

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