Briggs has a long history in attending salvage casualties and resolving challenging and unique situations. Our core salvage divers are integrated with our salvage masters and operators, ensuring diving solutions are innovative and appropriate for task.

Our rapid response diving unit is available to provide emergency salvage 24/7. We can mobilise specialist equipment within minutes of notification, are accustomed to managing fast moving and developing situations whilst providing top quality project management.

We take great pride in providing our clients with a quick, cost effective solution and work closely with owners and insurance companies to assist in a successful recovery.

  • Wreck Removal

    Briggs Marine offers a holistic service for wreck management from wreck visualisation techniques to wreck removal.

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  • Marine Towage

    Based in the UK, our fleet consists of several vessels capable of undertaking emergency and planned marine towage.

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  • Salvage Response

    Getting to a salvage casualty early, with the correct skills and equipment, can make the difference between wet and dry salvage.

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