Case Studies

Deep Water Horizon Macondo Blow Out

On the 20th of April 2010 the drilling rig Deepwater Horizon exploded while drilling in the Macondo oil field Mississippi Canyon Block 252 in the Gulf of Mexico. Two days later the rig sank in approximately 5000 feet of water, by Saturday the 24th of April an oil leak was reported near the sunken oil rig and over the coming months this became the largest oil spill in US history.

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MSC Chitra Pollution Response

Saturday 7th of August 2010 the bulk cargo vessel MV Khalijia collided with the container vessel MSC Chitra off Mumbai India spilling an estimated 800 tonnes of oil and 400 containers into the sea. The Dutch salvage company SMIT were awarded the salvage of the grounded MSC Chitra and Briggs Environmental were contracted by SMIT as oil spill technical advisors.

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