Oil Spill Response

Briggs has unrivaled experience providing oil spill response services responding to the full spectrum of spill related incidents that threaten the environment. Our highly trained oil spill response personnel deal with over 500 incidents a year covering industrial, coastal and offshore installations.

We provide safe, rapid and cost effective spill solutions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through our unrivaled combination of response bases and services accredited by DBEIS, MCA and UK SPILL.

Oil spill response services include:

  • Full Service, Tier 1,2 & 3 Marine Pollution Response
  • Asset procurement, commissioning & maintenance
  • Simulation and exercise management
  • Global deployment logistics
  • Land based pollution response
  • Land and water remediation
  • Hazardous and noxious substances containment and recovery
  • Waste management
  • Equipment hire
  • Sorbent sales and after care
  • Salvage support

Oil spill response activation is made through a single telephone number that directs the client to a permanent duty management system – 0800 374 348

  • Ports & harbours pollution

    Briggs OPRC Club is a Scottish network of response bases and trained responders that meet the MCA’s regulatory requirement.

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  • News And Events

    The latest news from Briggs Marine & Environmental Services and our calendar of events.

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  • Case Studies

    On the 20th of April 2010 the drilling rig Deepwater Horizon exploded while drilling in the Macondo oil field Mississippi Canyon Block 252 in the Gulf of Mexico.

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